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Find information about living Off-Campus and browse through our collection of resources.

On-Campus Services

  • Student Legal Services

    Student Legal Services can give legal education, counsel, and referrals to UCSD Students. Access the link for additional information and appointment scheduling. 

  • BN Center

    The Hub Basic Needs Center provides resources for connections to nutritious food, Calfresh, stable housing, and financial wellness resources.

  • Calfresh

    CalFresh food benefits are funds that can be given to help supplement their food budget and buy food. Follow the link for additional eligibility and application information. 

  • Triton Food Pantry

    The mission of the Triton Food Pantry is to provide a discreet service to UCSD students in need of food. All current UCSD undergraduate and graduate students can access this service. 

  • Financial Aid and Financial Literacy Resources

    Information on Financial Aid resources, as well as comprehensive information on budgeting and financial literacy. 

  • Jobs on Campus

    Information to help you connect you to job resources. Find job postings, career fairs, and job readiness information by accessing the links.